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About Our Corporate Events

Our corporate events are a perfect opportunity to build teamwork and increase productivity of your staff. You can come to us or we can come to you. Prices for offsite events will vary depending on the distance from our home base here in North Hollywood and each come with options so that you can tailor the experience to your specific needs. Below you will find descriptions of the corporate events we currently offer.

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The Artful Blade

A crash course in theatrical fencing is a unique and engaging idea for a corporate event. Create a space for team building while allowing your staff members to integrate mind-body techniques, improve focus, and relieve stress. Training in theatrical fencing improves posture, balance, and isometric strength; all leading to a greater sense of poise and confidence. Give your employees the gift of theatrical swordplay with an afternoon of fun and the opportunity to accomplish something completely new. (And they get to play with swords!)

2 Hour Event
Limited number of participants (based on venue)

The Way Of The Staff

Our quarterstaff combat class is another unique and fun idea for a corporate event. This crash course teaches stick fighting, and teaches your employees staff twirling, hand-eye coordination, and integration of mind-body techniques. Training in quarterstaff combat improves focus, relieves stress, and improves posture, balance, and isometric strength; which contribute to increased poise and confidence. Introduce a completely new approach to team building with an exciting and engaging afternoon of playing with sticks!

2 Hour Event
Limited number of participants (based on venue)

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