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Tempo And Learning IV

In the last post, we discussed the emotional dynamic that leads to practicing way too fast. Now let’s discuss how emotions can effect memory. Emotions play a huge part in how memories are stored. We process a lot of information on a daily basis, and our brain has systems in place to decide what to […]

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Tempo And Learning III

We will now focus on how our reward centers (and stress response) are both the primary cause and ultimate salvation in our war against speed. Our brain is basically a difference engine designed to assess resources and threats. Our emotions function as the ‘resource/threat level’ color coding system (i.e. look there’s a super model [resource […]

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Tempo And Learning II

In the last post we discussed how fast tempos can undermine technique and therefore safety. Here we will focus on how neurological learning works, and how we undercut it with fast, inaccurate practice.When you learn a new physical skill, your brain creates a neurological pattern, a song of sorts, that captures the sequence of events […]

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Tempo And Learning I

How many times have you watched someone practice a physical skill at a fast tempo and the following happens: They admonish themselves for the inevitable mistakes that occur. They repeat the motion over and over, often at a faster and faster tempo (with more and more adrenaline) until they get one right. They then breathe […]

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