Marc Antonio Pritchett

Displaying his nunchaku skills in the film The Quick Artist.

With fellow swordfighters on the set of the feature film The Bacchae.

Rehearsing a fantasy-themed graduate dance project at Glendale Community College.

Marc Antonio Pritchett (Instructor)

In the dramatic arts, most fights take place during scenes where passions are at their peak. As such, the execution of a fight scene (or lack thereof) can shape the way the entire production is perceived by the audience.

As a director and actor myself, I understand that for a theatrical fight to be effective, it needs to grow out of the dramatic action and function as an extension of the dialogue. It must be technically sound but it must do so invisibly, so that the illusion of violence is never broken. In addition, the actors need to understand where their ‘danger zones’ are so that they can act with the intensity and passion that they need without fear of injuring their scene partner.

With 20 years of theatrical combat experience and over 30 years of martial arts experience, I have the tools to take your skills to the next level.

Fight Coordinator-Stunt Combatant Resume

Stunt Double for the Saracen Champion in the feature film Soldier of God.

Also a utility stunt combatant in Soldier of God.

Performing in Opera Pacific’s production of Aida.

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