Alysha Brady

"Marc is a true professional. Hes very much focused on safety. He teaches you step by step, building as you go, until at the end of the class you realise suddenly you have left with a wealth of knowledge in a very short amount of time. This is a MUST for all actors looking to brush up or learn for the first time their stage combat skills. I loved it!"

Project Description

Training in this class will improve your posture, balance, eye-hand coordination and isometric strength. You will memorize complex sequences and time your actions with a partner all while continuously recalling a litany of movements, attacks, parries and evasions. It goes without saying that all of this also requires a tremendous amount of mental focus.

The Art of The Swashbuckler theatrical fencing class is a full mind-body experience suitable for all ages. Did I mention you get to play with swords?

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